October 29, 2012

Pumpkins Pumpkins

My husband and I both love the fall season.   It's that time of year for football, jackets, scarves, soups, apple cider and pumpkins.   I especially love carving pumpkins together for Halloween. We spend a lot of time debating on our own pumpkin carving design. It's funny how we each plan and carve differently. He draws his on freehand because he's so talented. And he carves it out so quickly. I take AT LEAST a half hour longer.  I print out a design, tape it on the pumpkin and poke the outline.

In the end, it's a great feeling to put the candles in and see what they look like from the sidewalk. We're officially ready for trick-or-treaters! (Well... aside from needing to get the candy. I'm trying to put that off as long as I can so I don't get tempted to eat it all before Halloween.) I get giddy as if I were a child. I think I get so excited because I don't remember carving pumpkins with my parents. I don't know why they neglected to make this awesome tradition a part of our family but I'm so glad that my husband and I do this fun seasonal activity together.

While we were visiting my husband's family in Seattle recently, we had the extreme pleasure of going to the pumpkin patch with our adorable niece. We all went to lunch then stopped to get coffees and she got to try hot cocoa for the first time and loved it. She just had to bring her hot cocoa into the pumpkin patch. At 2 1/2 she was easily entertained by everything from the rubber ducky racing pond and bowling to the live turkeys, roosters and rabbits that had funny names.

We were all too worn out afterwards to actually carve the pumpkins but we picked out a great variety. They had all different colors, shapes and sizes. Plus it was her naptime anyway and we didn't want her to miss out. Maybe we'll carve pumpkins with her next year. Happy Fall!

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