April 9, 2011

Tasty Saturday

Happy weekend!  Today, my sneaky husband wanted to surprise me for lunch and drove us to a place nearby we've been wanting to try out for a while.   We've both read and heard great reviews and wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.   Let me tell you that this place is a MUST if you're in the Plano, TX area.  I wanted to provide our feedback and photos.  Don't judge by the amount of food we consumed.  It was for you my friends.  All for you!  

Their method of cooking is low and slow and they use fresh ingredients which you can definitely taste.   Daily specials offer items not featured on the everyday menu along with a fresh new pie flavor everyday.  Since it was a beautiful day, we sat on the comfortable patio which they refer to as "the porch".  Very fitting.   The only hindrance on the perfection of the patio was the busy tollway about 50 yards or so away. 

Everyone, this is Whiskey Cake.   Whiskey Cake, meet everyone!  I'm sure you both will get along just great. 

Beverages and Beginnings. . .
For our drink of choice, I had the tasty whiskey sour and Chris had the mint julep.   Both were very refreshing and gave just the right amount of kick.  For an appetizer, we ordered the fried green tomatoes with a flavorful but light remoulade dipping sauce.   The tomatoes were so fresh and perfect!  They had the right amount of tanginess.
Whiskey Sour
Fried Green Tomatoes w/Remoulade Dipping Sauce

Munching and Lunching. . .
It was a tough decision to make for me.  Not that there were too many choices but everything sounded so good.  I wanted to order one of each item on the menu.  Thanks to the daily specials I was able to make up my mind on a brunch item.  (Note to self:  Must schedule brunch here with girlfriends ASAP.)   I chose the Pulled Pork Benedict.  This dish is layered with tender pulled pork, perfectly poached egg, fresh micro greens drizzled with a light green chili hollandaise sauce all over a freshly homemade biscuit split in half.   I took my time with this and savored each bite.  I absolutely loved it!  I see a re-creation of this dish at home in my near future. 

Chris has been on a Bahn Mi kick lately.  He's on a mission to discover a perfect version of this Asian sandwich in our area. As soon as he saw the BBQ Bahn Mi on the menu, he zoned in and made his mind up quickly.  He said the bread was perfect. It looked amazing!  They served this on craft paper with a couple of thickly sliced homemade pickles.  The pickles were crunchy and had a hint of spice but so delicious.
Pulled Pork Benedict

BBQ Bahn Mi
Happy Endings. . .
Now we're down to the dessert and happy ending to our amazing meal.  I didn't want this experience to end.  The dessert options were minimal which is good.  I don't like having too many to choose from.  We were torn between the infamous whiskey cake or the pie of the day.  When the waitress mentioned that the coconut cream pie was made this morning, I was in.  Chris isn't a fan of coconut so he said he may have a bite or two.   Puh-lease!  He took one bite and didn't stop there.  That says a lot!  The custard didn't have that artificial flavor you taste in most.   They drizzled honey or amaretto over the top that added a nice sweet touch.  (That is still out for debate. We were too busy stuffing our faces to ask the waitress to confirm and settle the argument.)  Needless to say, we didn't have a problem devouring this gem of a dessert.   Hungry?   You're welcome.

Coconut Cream Pie