About Me

My name is Chrystal and I have a fondness for food. I live in north Texas with my husband, dog and cat. My professional background is in advertising, marketing and project management.

A lot of my time is spent in the kitchen preparing homecooked meals or sweet treats for my husband or our friends.  I'll admit that I spend too much time scouring through cookbooks, Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs for inspiration.

I love to read cookbooks front to back as soon as I get them and putting sticky notes on the recipes I want to try first.  While making the recipe, I sometimes write messages on the sticky note with modifications or comments about the dish.

My goal in joining the blogging world is to try new recipes or flavors, share recipes and pictures as well as meet people who share my interest and passion for food.

Food is one of the easiest, oldest and most common ways of bringing people together. Everyone can relate in some way through a delicious dish. In my opinion, enjoying a meal with a stranger is the best way to get to know each other.

I'll try to keep my blog updated to share great restaurant recommendations, delicious recipes and treats with friends, family and fellow foodies. I am currently a contributor to Dallas Food Nerd. Check out the site and subscribe to stay in the know about what we're eating and reviewing around the DFW area.

I would love to hear comments on recipes and if you have tried them out.  You can also email me anytime.

Thanks for stopping by!

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