February 24, 2012

Sublime Chocolate in Allen

I hosted my friend's Bachelorette Bash last weekend.   The fabulous weekend consisted of shopping, chick flicks, delicious drinks, disco dancing and much needed girl time!  Best of all, we stopped in at Sublime Chocolate in Allen, TX.  So I wanted to share our wonderful and memorable experience. 

We were shopping in the area and decided to enjoy a few treats and take a break in between stores.  I had recently read a great article on a foodie blog and knew it would be a great treat for the ladies.  I also noticed they were voted Best Chocolate in Dallas by the D Magazine!  It's a cozy chocolate shop in the Watters Creek shopping center off Bethany & 75. 

We were warmly greeted and welcomed with smiles from the 2 ladies behind the counter.  They offered us samples of the sipping chocolate in milk, white and dark flavors.  I had the pleasure of tasting the white chocolate which was perfectly creamy and very rich!  So good!

I purchased a sampler box so we could each pick a piece and share.  A small sampler includes 6 pieces of your choice.   It comes in a beautiful box with 2 layers of 3 openings for the delicate bites.  They told me if I bring my box back when I visit again, I receive a free piece of chocolate with a purchase of another sampler. Yay!!

We also decided that drinks were necessary to go with our treat so we tried everything from the Chai Tea, Frozen Hot Chocolate to Frozen Mocha.   All flavors were phenomenal!  If you haven't tried this place, it is a MUST!

We tried the following chocolates and passed them around to take bites of each.  The Soyokaze and Chile & Lime were definitely up there as far as favorites for most of us.  Although it was hard to decide because they were all delectable.   I'm pulling these descriptions from my memory so this is as close to the details as I could remember.
  • Milk Chocolate Truffle -  Milk chocolate shell filled with milk chocolate ganache
  • Caramel with Sea Salt - Creamy caramel covered in milk chocolate sprinkled with sea salt crystals
  • Golden Curry and Coconut - Milk chocolate shell filled with a chocolate curry ganache and flakes of coconut
  • The Caliente - Dark chocolate heart filled with a dark chocolate ganache infused with chile powder, cayenne pepper and cinnamon
  • Soyokaze - Mango, coconut filling in a dark chocolate shell
  • Chile and Lime - Dark chocolate infused with fresh lime and dried habanero chile