June 25, 2010

Food Friday

Happy Friday!!  As some of you know, I'm a HUGE fan of Pioneer Woman.   If you don't know who that is, you have to check out her blog.  I was reading her daily post today which was talking about Brownies and Bars and noticed a picture looked familiar on her blog.  So I kept reading and come to find out it's my picture and link to my recipe for  Peanut Butter Nutella Brownies I posted on Tasty Kitchen.  It's a community where we all share recipes and photos that we've made.

I'm so excited to be featured on there with so many other delicious looking treats.   Check it out!!


Megan said...

I noticed my apricot orange bars were there too so I was also excited!

Elisabeth said...

That is amazing!!! The wonders of the internet.