June 29, 2012

BLT Crostini

During the summertime there is no need to slave over the hot stove when you can make easy light meals without much cooking, if any at all.   I’m sure we all feel the same way about cooking and baking.  It’s a great accomplishment to create a delicious meal or dessert that takes a whole day and sometimes more. 
It is not only a rewarding feeling when the final product is so delectable which makes it worth our hard work, but also it’s nice to see the smile on the faces of those we share our treats with.  However, I’m sure we all agree that once in a while it’s nice to throw something together that is easy and simple without much work.   It frees us of distraction and worry so that we have more time to relax on the patio with an icy beverage while visiting with friends and family.
These bacon, lettuce and tomato bites are a great option for something light when you don’t feel like cooking a big meal.   You can make as little or as much as you need or even make bigger sandwich version.  This recipe made me dream of other things I can throw together in a similar manner with French bread, a spread and a fruit or vegetable.   For examples I think the kids would also love this quick idea: toast the slices of bread, spread on peanut butter and top with a slice of banana and drizzle of honey. 
1 loaf French bread
Bacon Slices, cooked or Bacon Jam (Store-bought or homemade. I used the Bacon Jam made by Skillet Street Food and it was really good.)
1 head green leaf lettuce
1 pkg. cherry tomatoes
Sea Salt
I made these delicious bite-sized morsels as snacks for a brunch I hosted.  I sliced the loaf of French bread about ¼ inch thick.  I placed all the sliced bread on a cookie sheet and drizzled with olive oil and broiled until toasted (about 2-4 minutes).   Then spread about a teaspoon of bacon jam on each toast.  Tear clean lettuce leaves into small pieces that fit on the toasts. Place on top of the jam.   Slice cherry tomatoes in half and place both halves on lettuce leaves.  Sprinkle sea salt over the top. 
**This recipe and article is also featured on SouthlakeMoms.com.  http://www.southlakemoms.com/2012/05/01/blt-crostini/

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