October 1, 2014

Taste Test - A "Blushed" Beverage for Girl's TV Night

It's that time of year.... Season premiers of Fall TV!   And hopefully cooler weather soon.  Another great reason to sport your "loungewear" (as my BFF calls it).

What shows do YOU watch or are looking forward to this season?

I went to my BFF's house to watch a couple of fall season premiers.  I don't know about you, but some movies and TV shows require a buddy.  Whether it's to gossip about the drama or to just be in the same room if you're scared outta your wits.  We couldn't watch scandalous, murder mystery-laden shows without alcohol to maintain our sanity.  Or wait, does it add to the insanity and fun?  Hmm. Either way, it was necessary.  So we hit pause on the DVR and headed to the kitchen to start mixing and of course to grab a few snacks.  Who really wants to deal with commercials anyway?!

I started with a pint glass filled with ice for each of us.  I poured vodka about half way up into each glass, then split a can of lemonade between each glass.  It was a tasty adult lemonade but something was missing.  After a couple of initial sips, I noticed some new water enhancers on the counter and decided it couldn't hurt to add a splash of the white cherry flavored one.  Wow! It took the drink to a whole other level of deliciousness.  AND it tinted the drink a girly blush pink.  So there you have it. Blush.  My friend mentioned she made another drink the next day and added a splash of Sprite and she enjoyed it even more than the first recipe we made.  I like that idea of giving it a little fizz.   Try it out and let me know what you think!

The "Skinny Girl" water enhancers are pretty tasty.  They're located in the grocery store with the other water enhancers and powders.  We've discovered 3 flavors so far: Acai Blueberry, Fuji Apple and White Cherry.  Apparently the Fuji Apple is harder to find than the others as it's not in any of the grocery stores near my friend.  Either it's really popular or just not the preferred flavor in that area.  My favorite is the White Cherry.

Skinny Girl has a nice variety of products such as vodka, cockatils and wine.  They have some easy recipes for girly cocktails on their website.  All low-calorie.  Next, I'm planning to try their White Cherry Vodka.

(*This post is not sponsored by Skinny Girl.  All comments are my own opinions.)

Beverage Ingredients: 

- Ice

- Lemonade

- Vodka

- Skinny Girl Water Enhancer - White Cherry (You can really add as little or much as you want. They are powerful so start with a tiny squirt and work your way up to flavor and color of your liking.)

- Splash of Sprite or 7up (optional for a nice fizz, if you prefer)


I would love to hear what cocktails you've mixed up and enjoyed.

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